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Crafting an effective content strategy

Course Timeline:
This video covers how to generate great content for your social media channels and overall content strategy plan.
This video covers how to use blogging as an effective content strategy tool.
This video covers automating content for a consistent strategy plan.
This video covers Linked In, Tik Tok and Pinterest content strategy building.
This video covers a recap of all of the main functionalities of each major social media platform covered in this section.
This video covers building an effective content strategy on YouTube.
This video covers building an effective content strategy on Instagram.
This video covers an overview of Twitter.
An introduction video for Twitter
This video will cover building a content strategy on Facebook.
This video covers which social media platform to choose that will best work with your target audience and overall content strategy plan.
This video covers various photo editing techniques that will help create strong, effective content for your content strategy.
An overview of what KPIs are and how they work.
Four steps to creating and implementing a great content strategy plan.
Third step to building an effective content strategy and plan.
This video goes through the second step to building an effective content strategy.
This video covers using newsletters as an effective content strategy tool.
The second video in this course. This video will cover the main topics we will discuss in the course. An effective content strategy makes or breaks your online brand. So the right content strategy will breathe life into your brand. It makes it so that your brand message matches your brands look and feel. It develops the perfect brand voice to attract the audience you want to and use your voice to turn your devoted followers into customers. So in this course, we will take you through the steps to creating powerful content that resonates with your exact audience. We will teach you how to create a relatable, authentic brand voice that communicates your brand message, and help you learn how to read analytics and make sure you are making content that your audience is the most excited about, and more! So let's go! Please download and follow along in the workbook below as you progress through the training.
Hi and welcome to "Crafting an Effective Content Strategy." In this course you will learn how to develop and execute a winning content-marketing strategy. Your content marketing mission statement should help you and anyone creating or selecting content for your brand understand what distinguishes your brand's content experience from all the other content competing for your audience's attention. Please refer to the tools in the right hand column as you learn to help you implement the information from the training into your content marketing efforts. You can utilize the workbook below as a place to fill in information as you go through the training. Enjoy!

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